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Babylonia Recycled Hybrid Wrap Carrier ~ Tricot-Slen Cool

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The TRICOT-SLEN COOL is extremely light-weight, has equal carrying capacity to a woven wrap and is as flexible as an elastic wrap. With the same special knitting technique as our original Tricot-Slen Organic, the TRICOT-SLEN COOL offers perfect support for all babies, from newborns up 35lb toddlers. This stretch hybrid wrap can be worn in many different positions and since the same tie is used for all carrying positions, it is easy and quick to put on. Its natural stretch guarantees a perfect fit and makes this lightweight wrap comfortable and easy to use. This moisture wicking, breathable fabric is machine washable and air dries quickly. Suitable for water use.

Jersey Knit 100% NewLife (a high-tech fiber made from recycled plastic bottles) and non-toxic dyes.

Size: Approximately 22 1/2" wide and 216 inches (18 feet) long.

Made in the Netherlands

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