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Anna Naturals Nursing Mama Herbal Tea Bags 26ct

Anna Naturals Nursing Mama Herbal Tea Bags 26ct

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A premium blend of organic fenugreek and organic rooibos are combined with fruit and citrus to provide a great tasting, sweet-smelling herbal tea safe for breastfeeding mamas. 100% caffeine free. Contains 26 tea bags.

Fenugreek has been the go-to herb for breastfeeding mamas that need a little milk supply help for centuries. A notedly strong galactagogue, fenugreek stimulates sweat glands (milk ducts actually operate and function the same as sweat glands). This herb has been said to have a strong, somewhat unpleasant flavor — but unlike other fenugreek teas, Nursing Mama tea is blended with organic rooibos (a caffeine-free tea), organic hibiscus flower and organic fruit extracts, making it actually taste downright amazing.

TO USE:For best results, drink 1-3 cups per day. Consult your doctor or midwife prior to using any herbs while breastfeeding. NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY.

Ingredients: Organic whole fenugreek seed*, organic rooibos*, organic hibiscus*, organic cherry extract*, organic strawberry extract*, organic orange extract*

*Certified Organic ingredient