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BALM! Baby SUN! SPF30 Sunscreen 2oz

BALM! Baby SUN! SPF30 Sunscreen 2oz

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Our proprietary blend of natural Sun Protectants and soothing skin oils offers the perfect sunscreen for water play for all ages. It offers SPF30+! Perfect formulation for the face & safe for the lips!

  • Natural and water resistant.
  • Quality, effective product free of No-Nos!
  • GMO free
  • Made in the USA
  • Vegan & cruelty-free (Leaping Bunny Certified)
  • Stored in a 2oz. glass jar (attractive, leach-free & infinitely recyclable) 
  • BALM! Baby doesn't compromise when it comes to our ecosystem or your health!
  • Doubles as an awesome Mad Diaper Rash treatment because it contains 25% non-nano zinc, when "prescription" diaper ointment is needed, it replaces that need with a natural alternative! (just be sure to use a liner when cloth diapering).
  • Main ingredients come from a local organic farm.
Extra Virgin olive oil, non-nano 25% zinc oxide, sesame seed oil**, candelilla wax, virgin macadamia nut oil, virgin coconut oil, tocopherol (vitamin e T-50), lavender essential oil (sun safe amounts).
DROP BALM! Baby SUN! on skin when you're about to have fun in the sun, 30 min. prior to UV exposure. Apply uniformly & liberally. Apply as needed every 2 hrs. (1-2X per day is average). We find 1X-2X is average for a full day in the sun with water!
Note that when natural zinc oxide is used in a product, it creates a barrier to protect from the sun, making the concern for orange essential oil being phototoxic /photosensitive to the skin irrelevant.
CAUTION: Keep away from eyes and mouth on this one! WILL STAIN: Always use a liner when using as Mad Rash on cloth-diapered babies. Stop use if irritation occurs (although this is rare with natural care).