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Bummis Fabulous Wet Bag

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Very handy! Leak resistant! Many, many uses!

  • Practicaldurable and leak resistant - made with waterproof fabric and double-seamed on three sides
  • Zipper closure and handle that snaps around stroller
  • Versatile - perfect for diapers, swimsuits, travel laundry, papers, lunches and more!
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic and made in Canada from fabrics made in the USA
Small 10 x 12 inches
Medium 14 x 15 inches

Want to know what else you can use Fabulous Wet Bags for? Check out our blog post on Creative Uses for Fabulous Wet Bags - and be sure to read all the user comments at the bottom!

Turn the bag inside out to wash. Wash and dry at normal temperatures and avoid fabric softeners, chlorine bleach, or any other whitening agents. Guaranteed lead, phthalate and BPA free.