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Denver/Boulder - Chinook Book Coupon Book & App

Denver/Boulder - Chinook Book Coupon Book & App

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Get hundreds of great deals for businesses all over the Denver Metro Area! With Chinook Book, you have access to coupons from retailers (including Zavy Green) that care about the Earth just like you do!  

Chinook Book print and mobile editions contain fantastic coupons for businesses that meet our criteria, and great resources for sustainable living including: farmers markets, recycling, local biking and transit, clean energy and green home.

Chinook Book Criteria

What makes a good business? As a company that focuses on connecting good people with good businesses, this is something we ask ourselves every day. Defining what we mean by a “good” business in the first place is challenging, and then measuring their “goodness” can be equally challenging. So working in collaboration with the Sustainable Development Commission of the City of Portland and Multnomah County, we developed a criteria framework and a product-by-product matrix to help us and to be transparent to our readers.

We start with the premise that good businesses do business in a connected way. They treat their employees and suppliers well, they minimize their environmental impact, and they support the community that supports them. We look for ways to measure these qualities, and then we add in a dose of humility and good judgment.