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Clean-N-Jerky Grass-Fed Beef Jerky - Original

Clean-N-Jerky Grass-Fed Beef Jerky - Original

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Clean-N-Jerky Paleo Beef Jerky is made from grass-fed and grass-finished ground beef, coconut aminos, Colorado honey, and organic spices. We produce small batches of jerky every day in our gluten-free kitchen in Colorado Springs.

Our cattle are born and raised in Hillside, Colorado, on Maytag Mountain Ranch’s 2,953 acres of lush natural grasses, with warm days and cool nights. An intensive rotational grazing system ensures our cattle have plenty of fresh grass to eat; our pastures are never artificially fertilized and our cattle drink the spring water that flows on the Ranch. We never use hormones or antibiotics, and the entire Ranch is certified Organic. The cattle are not taken to the feedlot to be “finished.” Instead they fatten on natural grass, every day of their lives.

Comes in 2 oz or 4 oz bags. The bags are air-tight, 3 mil, poly-nylon packaging with a shelf life of one year.