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Four Elements Organic Herbals Body Oils 4oz

Four Elements Organic Herbals Body Oils 4oz

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Four Scents Available!
Activate, Love, Meditate, Relax


Invigorating and warming herbs make this an ideal massage oil for anyone who loves exercise or wants excellent muscle and joint health. This oil would be well placed in the gym bag, medicine cabinet or massage table. (Formerly Activ-8 Muscle Rub)

ELEMENTS: Sunflower oil*, grape seed oil*, St. John's Wort*, arnica*, comfrey*, willow bark*, juniper*, prickly ash*, vitamin E, juniper and ginger essential oils, aloe flower essence. *Organic


Sensual and grounding sandalwood is lifted with elegant rose, and warmed by cinnamon.  A body oil for creating loving connection and sweet memories. (Formerly Sandalwood)

ELEMENTS: Sunflower oil* and grape seed oil* infused with hawthorn* and wild carrot seed*, sandalwood, rose and cinnamon essential oils, red rose flower essence. *Organic


This union of centering tulsi, clearing white sage, uplifting neroli and graceful rose creates a body oil ideal for inviting focus and clarity. (Formerly Garden Flowers)

ELEMENTS: Almond oil infused with white sage* and angelica*, vitamin E, rose, neroli and holy basil essential oils, angelica flower essence. *Organic


Calming lavender and rose-scented geranium infuse your skin care with the beauty of garden flowers.  A body oil for relaxing into gratitude. Great as a massage oil and my favorite for soothing sunburn. (Formerly Lavender Rose Geranium)

ELEMENTS: Almond oil infused with calendula* and arborvitae*, vitamin E, lavender and rose geranium essential oils, lavender flower essence. *Organic