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Four Elements Organic Herbals Deodorant 4oz

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Light and refreshing deodorants, with no build-up and no toxins! Comes in two scents Cedar & Sage and Lime, Mint, & Lovage

4oz spray bottle

Cedar & Sage

Earthy and sensual. A great blend for a man or woodsy woman.

ELEMENTS: Witch Hazel, infusion of sage*, cedar*, and lovage*, sage, cedar, bergamot, marjoram and clove essential oils, borax. *Organic

Lime, Mint, & Lovage

My favorite deodorizing herb, lovage, is said to pull toxins from the body, with a refreshingly clean scent.

ELEMENTS: Witch Hazel, infusion of spearmint*, lovage* and yarrow*, lime, spearmint, marjoram and myrrh essential oils, borax.  *Organic