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Mason Jar Lifestyle Cocktail Shaker Lid

Mason Jar Lifestyle Cocktail Shaker Lid

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Our lid does not leak and it does not rust!

Turn any sized regular mouth (2 3/8″ internal diameter) Mason jar into a cocktail shaker! Buy extras for your friends, because they are going to be jealous when you screw this awesome lid onto your Mason jar and whip up a batch of delicious martinis, margaritas, or your house cocktail of the moment!

Stainless steel lid and cap with two silicone sealing rings included. The gold and copper are electroplated. Dishwasher safe.

Mason jars sold separately!

Mix your drinks in style! This unique Mason jar shaker lid is sure to attract attention and comments!

We tried all the cocktail shakers for Mason jars on the market and found that all of them leaked when you were shaking them, either where the jar meets the lid or where the lid and small cap meet. Our solution was two custom designed silicone sealing rings, and now we can offer our customers the best product available!

Use with any size regular mouth Mason jar – make a small, medium, or large batch of cocktails by switching in a half pint, pint, or quart jar!

Having a party? Keep backup quarts of cocktails in your fridge or freezer and just move this lid onto the new jars as you open them!

Perfect for small spaces – no need to store a full cocktail shaker when you already have pint or quart jars in your cabinets! Now you have room for multiple shakers!

All parts are dishwasher safe – you can remove the silicone seals and put them in the silverware area or leave them in.