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Mason Jar Lifestyle ~ Fermentation Starter Kit for Wide Mouth Mason Jars

Mason Jar Lifestyle ~ Fermentation Starter Kit for Wide Mouth Mason Jars

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Fermentation kit includes everything you need to start fermenting: one silicone fermenting lid, one airlock, and one fermentation weight for wide mouth Mason jars.

Silicone Lid

These wide mouth (3″ internal diameter) lids function as both a straw hole tumbler lid and also as a fermentation lid! The 10.5mm hole will accept any straws, and is also the perfect size for our fermentation airlocks!

Made of 100% silicone rubber, these lid inserts are dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe! Silicone is a safe, green, non-plastic (BPA-free) material for food use that does not leach any toxins.


Using an airlock when you are fermenting vegetables in Mason jars will keep out oxygen while still letting the CO2 produced escape. An airlock greatly reduces the chances of a moldy ferment. If you use an airlock plus one of our glass fermentation weights to keep your ferment under the brine there is little chance of mold.

Fermentation Weight

These heavy, tempered glass weights perfectly fit into a wide mouth Mason jar to hold your fermenting vegetables under the brine and press out any air pockets, leaving a tiny space around the edges to let out fermentation gasses.


Fill the airlock halfway with clean water, vodka, or sanitizer solution and stick it into your fermenting lid. Our silicone fermenting lids will accept this airlock as is, but other lids might need some kind of drilled rubber stopper or grommet.

Because vegetable ferments can easily overflow the airlock, 3 piece airlocks are better than S shaped airlocks. You won’t need a pipe cleaner if brine gets into the airlock.

The plastic is dishwasher safe.

This oh-so-easy to use fermentation kit comes with one silicone fermenting lid, one airlock, and one glass weight for wide mouth Mason jars – everything you need to get fermenting! Just add any wide mouth jar plus the metal band it came with.

Better fermentation instructions are widely available in books and on blogs, websites, and the Wild Fermentation Facebook group.

Here are the basics: Keep everything clean. Either salt your vegetables and pound them to draw out the liquid, or pack them into the jar and pour a salt water brine over them. Place the glass weight on top to keep as much vegetable matter as possible under the brine. Try to skim out any floaters. Put the silicone lid on, logo side up, and secure with a metal band. Fill the airlock with water and install it into the lid. Wait a while, taste, repeat until the desired level of flavor is achieved. It’s like magic!

Bonus: When you’re not using your lids for fermentation, they double as straw lids!