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Mason Jars ~ Wide Mouth

Mason Jars ~ Wide Mouth

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Wide mouth pint (16oz) jars are one of the most versatile jars. They make great drinking glasses and coffee mugs (when paired with our silicone drinking lids), they are freezer safe, and we love them for fridge storage. This jar will fit a Grande™ drink at Starbucks!

Wide mouth pint-and-a-half (24oz) jars are a perfect iced beverage tumbler. They fit in many cup holders, they are freezer safe, and we also love them for our morning smoothies. Mason Jar Lifestyle quart sized straws are the right length for these jars. This jar will fit a Venti™ (cold or hot) drink at Starbucks!

Wide mouth quart (32oz) jars are easier to get clean in the dishwasher than regular mouth quarts. I use them for storing juice and soups in the fridge.

This 64oz wide mouth jar is huge! Half gallon = 2 quarts = 4 pints. Perfect for storing flour, sugar, and other dry goods. Also great for beverages and fermentation!

1 jar per order (if you want a bunch of jars, you should probably buy them locally)