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Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters ~ Organic El Salvador Whole Bean 1lb

Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters ~ Organic El Salvador Whole Bean 1lb

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Chocolate, Green Apple, Peanut

A certified organic medium roast, single-origin coffee.  A bright, balanced flavor with hints of apple, chocolate, and peanut make this coffee delightful.

Miss the clean mountain air? Well, Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters's beans are roasted with a fluid-bed air roaster, utilizing that crisp, clean air as opposed to the more traditionally used drum roaster method. The beans float on a bed of hot air, allowing them to roast evenly and accurately. The hot air pushes out all the chaff and smoke during the roasting process giving the coffee a much cleaner more flavorful taste. Located high in the Rocky Mountains we roast in small batches to ensure the coffee you get is fresh and of the highest quality. So, even if you can't wake up to the fresh mountain air, you know there is a little bit of mountain living in every smooth sip of Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters' coffee.

Brewed coffee originates from the seeds of a fruit that resembles small cherries which are grown in over seventy countries. The climate, cultivation, picking, drying, storage, roasting, grinding and brewing of these seeds all play a vital role in the immense range of different tastes available in the final cup of coffee. RMCR strives to continue expanding their knowledge of roasting so that they can offer you the best cup of coffee possible. They love to send your taste buds on a journey!