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Spinster Sisters Bar Soap 4.8oz

Spinster Sisters Bar Soap 4.8oz

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Spinster Sisters soaps are produced in small batches using the cold process soap method.

  • Spinster Sisters uses a base of olive, coconut, palm (sustainable/organic), castor, apricot kernel and argan oils, and combine that with cocoa butter and fair-trade shea butter for added moisturizing
  • Each bar retains the natural glycerin that is produced during the saponification process, for added moisturizing
  • Each bar is long lasting, luxurious, and great for your skin
  • Each bar is 4.8 oz
Scents listed above specify the following:
  • The type of scent used EO for essential oil and FR for fragrance oil
  • Whether or not the bar includes an exfoliant (for example, w/ oatmeal to show that oatmeal has been mixed into the bar)
  • *Indicates a special edition soap available for a limited time only.