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Spinster Sisters Deodorant 2.25oz

Spinster Sisters Deodorant 2.25oz

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Cross Training Approved!

Fight odor with natural ingredients while healthy oils soothe the skin. A great option for those looking to avoid antiperspirant deodorants containing aluminum. We hear more praise for our natural deodorant than any other product! This solid, cream-colored deodorant contains plenty of healing shea butter and coconut oil to ensure that your underarms won't get irritated while the baking soda does its work soaking up odor. We do not use chemical binders in our deodorant to produce as pure a product as possible. For best results, chill for ½ an hour prior to first use to avoid flaking/crumbling.  Once the deodorant has been used one time to form the shape of your underarm, you should not experience flaking.

  • Sulfate and phthalate free.
  • 2.25 oz tube.
  • Active Ingredient: Baking soda. (A small percentage of people will develop a rash from the use of baking soda deodorant due to allergies. Please understand that we cannot issue a refund if a product causes an allergic reaction.)
  • Other Ingredients: Arrowroot powder, fair-trade shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, and essential oils.