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Spinster Sisters Soy Lotion Candle

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Great for both aromatherapy and massage, these soy-based candles with jojoba oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter melt at a comfortable temperature to rub into the skin. Full of moisturizing ingredients, these candles are an excellent tool to relieve stress.  Not intended as a candle to let free burn.  These candles are wonderful to light during a bath or shower and then lather on the warmed lotion after. Purely amazing!

  • Light candle and allow the desired amount to melt to a pour-able consistency. Extinguish flame, then rub into skin 
  • Pthalate, sulfate and paraben free
  • Available in 6 scents, blended either from essential oils (EO) or fragrance oils (FR)

10 oz - Poured into recycled glass containers, these candles also come packaged in a beautiful letterpress box printed in Denver, Colorado. 

3.5oz - Comes in a stainless steel tin with a lid.