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Wild Merman Salmon Jerky ~ Chipotle Molasses

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Following the simple diet of the Mer-folk, we've created a high-protein, omega-3-rich snack that fits your lifestyle. We use only wild salmon and organic ingredients, without any corn, soy preservatives, or refined sugars. So, now you can eat like the Wild Merman!

Wild Merman is based in Tacoma, Washington and uses wild-caught Keta Salmon for all our jerky.

To make this wild caught salmon jerky fit for a Wild Merman, we added a touch of honey and molasses to balance out the subtle spice of chipotle pepper. The result is a bold jerky, loaded with omega-3s. There are no preservatives, no soy, no corn, and definitely no GMOs. We are Paleo friendly and Wild Merman approved.

1.5oz bag

Ingredients: Wild Salmon, Honey, Organic Blackstrap Molasses, Organic Chipotle Pepper, Sea Salt