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Wysi Wipe

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Its all about convenience. Pure and simple.

Imagine a clean wash-like cloth in your pocket ready for use: when ever, where ever, how ever; you need it. On the go. Anytime, Just add (a tiny splash) of water.  The versatility of Wysi® is use a different liquid for a different use.
Wysi® is an innovative green wipe that is compact until a splash of liquid makes it an instant cloth. This little white puck needed an identity so we called it Wysi® - an acronym for -what you see is- a wipe. It's pronounced "wiz-zee". 

Our compostable, biodegradable product narrows the gap between conventional single use wipes; laundered cotton, and paper towel, and  are soft enough for the most delicate skin. The best thing is Wysi®  contains no alcohol; has no added chemicals; and it is 100% scent and fragrance-free. Pure, simple, and suitable for all skin types, all ages, and most any use.

A small splash from a water bottle, fountain, or tap creates a versatile, ultra-soft, personal sized wash cloth at your fingertips, anytime or anywhere you need one.  
  • Traveling, hiking, camping, picnics or bbq's
  • Convenient for small tasks and clean ups
  • First-aid and emergency preparedness kits
  • Minimize daily exposure to unknown ingredients
  • Add disinfectant for an instant antibacterial wipe
  • Child friendly and pet safe in the home or on the go
  • Disposable yet reusable, can be rinsed many times

Compostable Freshen-Up Cloth

Small & compact but a little water turns it to a wet napkin, except Wysi® is a useful wash cloth for an ‘at the sink fresh feeling’…  anywhere! Made of a single ingredient (100% pulp fiber) it has no additives, fragrances or wetting agents, making it perfect for any guests, even those allergic to fragrances.
This 3/4 inch size expands to a 9” square cloth and doubles well as a small task cloth: to finish a plate; as courtesy cloth for superior child care programs; or step up the take-out menu.  In metric wipe is 2cm and expands 22cm square.